Mōmotu ahi - Firebrand

Mōmotu ahi means firebrand and it was how our ancestors would carry burning flame and embers from one place to another to rekindle their fire. 

Mōmotu ahi is the gift of connection.  Light Mōmotu ahi when you want to acknowledge, remember or celebrate your homelands and loved ones.  Use it to reconnect at times when you can't be there in person, or as a reminder of who you are and where you are from.

Mōmotu ahi connecting you through the power of light, the power of flame, the power of candles.

  • Your Mōmotu ahu comes in a thick walled 750ml amber vessel with a personalised bamboo lid.
  • Māori karakia is printed in both māori and pakeha on the side of your mōmotu ahi. These kind of karakia known as hika ahi (to kindle fire) were intoned by Māori while they rubbed wood together to kindle a fire.
  • The three wood wicks represent your past, your present and future.

Follow this link to personalise your own Mōmotu ahi